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12 Week Challenge Brisbane

Define’s 12 Week Challenge offers tailored challenges to suit your goals and individual needs. Next challenge starts January 22nd! Special challenge for those who want to get stronger and for those who want to get fitter.

12 week fitness and weightloss challenge
$165 sign up fee
$77 a week ongoing for 12 weeks

Achieve Your Fitness Goals!

Our genetic makeup is individual and we all metabolise our exercise and nutrition in a distinctive way. At Define Health and Fitness we individualise your food and exercise to suit your body and monitor this over the 12 weeks to ensure you are achieving RESULTS.

We follow what is know as flexible eating. This allows you to fit your food into your day instead of fitting your day around your food. You can go out for dinner, lunches and eat your favourite snacks should you choose to. We show you how to do this and still achieve the results you desire. Sounds too good to be true? It’s not. We work off peer reviewed scientific studies to ensure we only deliver you the best. Our hundreds of success stories only back this up.

We take everything into consideration when planning your 12 Week Challenge. Your achievable level of exercise & your preferred type of training, existing medical conditions (including high or low blood pressure), your body type and how it responds to exercise and your metabolism. No level of fitness is required.

  • 2 x 45min PT sessions per week (within a group of 4)
  • Unlimited Bootcamps (Bootcamp Timetable and Locations)
  • Additional Training Plans, for at home or in the gym
  • Nutrition Plans
  • Access to Nutrition and Diet Coaching.
  • Official progress tracking in Week 1, 6 & 12;
    • Measurements
    • Weight
    • Body fat percentage
    • Progress photos
  • Weekly Program and Food adjustments
  • Define Health and Fitness singlet

Define Health and Fitness Specialties

  • Lose weight and gain fitness
  • Build muscle tone
  • Marathon training
  • Pregnancy and post-pregnancy training
  • Bodybuilding and fitness competition training
  • Maintainable results

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