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Online Personal Training

Our Online Personal Training Program offers our members who do not live close to our Studio and Bootcamp locations an opportunity to gain access to Accredited Professional Trainers, Nutrition Specialists and collectively 30+ years of experience.

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$165 sign up fee
$33 a week ongoing

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Similar to our 12 Week Challenge, we do not advocate silly diets or excessive exercise. Our macronutrient flexible eating approach allow you to enjoy the foods you love each and every day while still getting the results you desire.

Define Health and Fitness Online Personal Training includes:

  • Weekly Training Programs based on your fitness and goals
  • Step by step instructions and video tutorials
  • Macronutrient plans specific to you
  • Access to Nutrition and Diet Coaching
  • Progress tracking to ensure fitness goals are met

Define Health and Fitness Online Personalised Training Specialities

  • Lose weight and gain fitness
  • Build muscle tone
  • Bodybuilding and fitness competition training

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Online Personal Training